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Writing Mini Lessons and Anchor Charts

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On this page, I have included pictures of various writing anchor charts or other writing information.  The explanations are below the pictures.




This anchor chart displays our class Writing Process Steps.





Writing Mini Lesson #1: Transitions in all Writing


Students included different transitions in their autobiography and TDA writing.  Students may also use these in narrative writing.                  (See Resource Packet for additional information.)






Writing Mini Lesson #2: Story Transitions


Students included transitions, like those above, in their story writing.  With each new transition, students create a new paragraph.






Writing Mini Lesson #3: Word Choice (Adjectives, Adverbs, and Figurative Language)


Students included these skills in their basic story writing.  The goal was to create more excitement and appeal to the reader's senses.             (See Resource Packet for additional information.)





Writing Mini Lesson #4: Dialogue


On this anchor chart, we looked at characteristics of dialogue.  Also, we wrote examples of dialogue tags shown in the beginning, middle, and end of dialogue.  Our focus in this lesson was organization of the dialogue along with punctuating it correctly.





Writing Mini Lesson #5: Dialogue Tags and Beats


In class, we looked at the difference between dialogue tags and beats.  Tags show what a character said and how they said it whereas a dialogue beat shows what the character was doing as they are saying their words.  Students then had to include these elements in their own writing.








Mini Lessons and Anchor Charts


Grammar Mini Lessons and Anchor Charts



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