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Reading Skills and Strategies

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Below are definitions, websites, and other information for various skills and strategies we have covered this year.  Practice these skills while you are reading and it will help your comprehension.



Story Structure:  Plot, Setting, Conflict, Characters, and Resolution


Text Features:  Headings, Captions, Fact Boxes, Quotes, Bold Print


Graphic Features:  Pictures, Charts, Graphs


Monitor: Keeping track of information while you are reading


Clarify:  Making information clear while you are reading


Understanding Characters:  While you are reading it is important to understand how characters feel, what they say, and how they act or respond to various situations in the text.


Sequencing:  Put events in order of when they happened.  This helps to create a summary of the story.


Flashback:  Going back in time during the story to remember events of the past.


Foreshadow:  Details or clues are given in the story that could determine something important is going to happen in the future


Author's Purpose:  Authors write for three reasons; to persuade, entertain, and inform.  They will also write for other reasons or have messages they want to share.























Reading Content and Information



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